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A Culture committed to true value, rehabilitee , innovation and excellence!!! High value engineering and construction solutions is the path to long time success.Constructing buildings with sand, cement, bricks, mortar and “HEART”.

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Teamwork / Honesty Our employees are our backbone and support. The success of Laksh Infras is attributed to the hardwork and commitment of the team comprising of Director Yashpal and all the employees. The sense of responsibility and accountability to others is summed up in the word TEAM WORK.

भरण पोषण – Endeavouring to support and maintaining the employees and their family, who want to form a part of Laksh Infras is a culture that promotes a loving and thriving environment at Laksh Infras.

Honesty – the core value of Laksh Infras through which all the employees and BOD’s live. The golden virtue rule of our success – “न्याय सम्पन्न वैभव” – Wealth generated through honest, legal and moral means.

At Laksh Infras, a culture that speaks to the mission of the company is followed to Team work & Honesty may seem as simple words, but they are powerful when implemented. They are the foundation of Laksh Infras’s ethical development.


Contrary to popular belief Mr. Yashpal – the Founder and Promoter of Yash Constructions and Sunitha Constructions has wide experience of more than a decade in construction sector since he started his career as a Project Manager in a reputed construction company which involved project for MRTS. With this experience Mr. Yashpal established his own establishment M/s Yash Constructions in the year 2006 and did various projects for the Government. The most important project work was for The Integral Coach Factory (ICF).
Then in 2010 he expanded the company and started one more company in the name of Sunitha Constructions only for Private work like Pre Engineering Building work and fabrication of steel structure.

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